10 Commandments to Get your Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Design Right

Graphic SolutionsBlog10 Commandments to Get your Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Design Right

Vinyl Vehicle Wrap DesignVehicle wraps are one of the most potent marketing tools. They give businesses the required attention over large geographic areas with little investment and effort. If you are looking for a marketing strategy to increase your customer base and widen your reach, investing in vehicle vinyl wraps is a great solution. Graphic Solutions provides high quality vinyl vehicle wraps in MA and surrounding jurisdictions. To help you get started with your custom car graphics, we cover 10 commandments to help you get the right vinyl vehicle wrap design to get your business noticed.

1. Select the right wrapping vehicle

The choice of vehicle plays a major role in determining the success of your vehicle wrap advertising campaign. You need to pick a vehicle that gets extra attention. The best options include wild and weird vehicles such as Toyota Scion and Chevy HHR; curvy and cute vehicles such as the Fiat 500 or VW Polo; or big, bold and brawny sprinter vans. Your choice should depend on your business needs as only then will it appeal to your target market.

2. Take vehicle dimensions

If you have decided on the wrapping vehicle and are ready to roll, the next step is getting its dimensional outline. Knowing its dimensions before getting started with the vehicle wrap design process helps you eliminate last minute changes to the wrap design that can potentially delay proceedings and inflate costs.

3. Explore vehicle wrap trends

Vehicle vinyl wraps give your vehicle a distinctive look, which is why you must select appealing designs. Pick a wrap design that is trending in the market to ensure your vehicle gets maximum attention. Some of the trending vehicle wrap designs are embossed and fibrous wraps, matte finish, and partial wraps.

4. Hire an expert for the job

Designing vehicle wraps may look easy, but it involves a lot of intricacies, ranging from the dimensional outline of the vehicle, selecting a trendy design, choice of colors, to incorporating brand information. Doing all these tasks requires expertise, if you are to get a return on your investment.

5. Don’t rush the design process

When you have a plan, it is natural to want to implement it as soon as possible. Urging the graphic solution service provider to complete the vehicle wrap design and installation in unreasonably short timeframes can result in below par graphics. Instead, give experts ample time to create a design that meets your objectives.

6. Don’t overcrowd your design

Vehicle vinyl wraps are supposed to be eye-catching, and in your quest to create a vibrant design, avoid crowding the design with unnecessary elements, such as noisy backgrounds. You can get a dynamic and colorful vehicle design even when you keep things simple. Get over any unnecessary clutter in the design and allow your message to stand out.

7. Don’t rely solely on digital templates

Digital templates never give a complete picture of the vehicle. If, for example, the designers miss a custom attachment, it may delay installation, sending the design back to the drawing board. Depending solely on a template may result in several restrictions when wrapping the vehicle.

8. Highlight your brand and message

Vehicle wraps possess a time challenge. The vehicle is always on the move so there’s little time to catch onlookers attention. This means the graphic should be designed in a manner that it highlights the brand and message for viewer to understand immediately.

9. Use bold colors and design

Car graphics need to be noticed, which is why the design should contain all the elements that can help capture viewer’s attention. People not only notice big, bold, and larger-than-life graphics, but also remember them. Do not shy from using bold colors to create an exciting design for your vehicle graphic, as it will help you get the attention you seek for your business.

10. Select a durable wrapping material

Vinyl is the most preferred vehicle wrap material. A protective lamination is added to the wrap to ensure it withstands different weather conditions to last longer. The lamination materials are segregated according to their looks, durability, and ease of removal. Choose a super shiny to semi gloss lamination to give your vehicle wrap a catchy appearance.

The Bottom Line

Vehicle vinyl wraps are popular across industries and the US. They can help your business get local attention and increase its market share. If you are in MA and want to get a vehicle wrap design for your business, Graphic Solutions has got you covered. We are one of the leading custom car graphics designers in MA and create intricate vinyl wraps for businesses and municipal corporations, such as, police, fire, and water departments. We have high speed ‘ Mimaki Solvent 54″ printer’, and recently expanded our office to feature 2 printing bays, enabling us to process requests for vehicle wraps, lettering, or signage faster. If you wish to learn more about our custom vehicle wrap design and installation services, fill out our contact form or simply dial +1 508-384-1020.

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