5 Elements to Consider when Going for Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Graphic SolutionsBlog5 Elements to Consider when Going for Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Commercial Vehicle WrapsMarketing is one of the core elements that drive your sales numbers. Today, digital mediums are the driving force behind the imagery used in marketing and how individuals receive your messages, services, and products. Even in these technologically advanced times, commercial vehicle wraps are still one of the best methods of marketing, as they create visible traction and many other benefits. Advertising your brand, services, and products on custom vehicle wraps allows you to generate interest in your target audience. Whether you are a small business or a franchise chain, vehicle advertising wraps are something you can never leave out of your marketing initiatives. If you wish to go for vehicle advertising wraps for your company vehicles, here are 6 things you need to consider before investing.

1. Budget

Vehicle wraps are not cheap. Even if you have the design and artwork ready for print and installation, a wrap on a mid-sized Sprinter van can cost you around $3k. If your company is just starting out and you just paying rent and making payroll every month, you may want to wait until the commercial wrap initiative fits your budget. The upside to the investment is that its impact is immediate and your return on investment can start showing sooner than you expect.

2. The Right Vehicle

Is the vehicle you are planning to wrap with custom vehicle wraps reliable and visually appealing? If you plan on investing in a wrap, make sure your van, car, truck, or trailer is going to last at least 3 years. When installed correctly, a vehicle wrap will last a minimum of 3 years, giving you real value for every dollar spend. If your van is on the last leg of its lifecycle, it is not worth spending $3k to install vehicle advertising wraps on it. If it runs well and just needs a new paint job, it may be the perfect time to kill two birds with one stone by way of custom vehicle wraps.

3. Mileage and Location

How many miles per week does your company vehicle drive? Vehicle wraps are most effective when either on the road or parked on busy roads in front or near your business. The wrap design must feature a clear and impressive to turn heads. The more traffic sees your wrap, the more the people that will call your business. If your vehicle is parked where it can only be seen by a few people each day, then a vehicle wrap may not be the right choice of advertising for your business.

4. Trusted Employees

Who will be driving your custom wrapped vehicle? Can you trust the employee to respect other drivers on the road and represent you company in a positive and professional manner at all times? If that’s not the case, find another suitable driver that can be courteous to other road users. You have to make sure everything is in line with your strategy to see an increase in business. A rude and inexperienced driver can eat away on your existing market share instead of growing it as they tarnish your brand with their actions.

5. Rebranding

A company that is ready to invest money in vehicle wraps may want to first consider rebranding. This does not pertain to companies that are already established, but small companies as well, especially if you are looking to grow and don’t really have a logo per say, you must give rebranding a thought, to go with commercial vehicle wraps. After all, you want to put your best foot forward when advertising your company and services on a moving billboard. Rebranding invites more expenses but should be taken as a long-term investment that is sure to bring fruits when done right.

Final Words

Vehicle wrapping is one of the most popular modes of brand advertising. It helps you create brand identity and generate awareness around your services or products in a competitive and growing market. If you are interested in commercial vehicle wraps, contact Graphic Solutions, a renowned custom vehicle wrap designing company, with tons of experience catering to a diverse selection of clients. Our team of in-house designers can take care of your wrapping needs from start to finish and approach the whole process in a collaborative manner in order to appeal to your business objectives. If you wish to learn more about our services or discuss customization of your wraps, fill out our contact form, and our designing experts will get in touch with you. You can also give us a call at 508-384-1020.

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